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REPORT: Young Arab Citizens & Govenments on Social Networks

The ongoing sociopolitical unrest in several Middle East and North Africa (MENA) countries underscores the value of social media and government engagement with the region’s young Arab citizens. The massive Arab youth population — rightly described as a youth bulge — can be a boon if properly tapped by state institutions and government agencies. These institutions and agencies can capture the minds and hearts of the young Arab adult population through clever, effective and efficient use of social networking.

To coincide with the Government Social Media Conference taking place in Dubai on June 7-8, 2011, ThinkMedia Labs and Youngberry teamed up to answer a fundamental question:

We teamed up with our friends at ThinkMedia Labs to answer a fundamental question: “What would young Arab citizens love or hate about the social media presence of their respective governments?”

“What would young Arab citizens love or hate about the social media presence of their respective governments?”

We would like to mention that we had an achieving and wonderful experience working on this report. The quantitative surveying was done by Youngberry, the analysis were done by co-authored between ThinkMedia Labs and Youngbery, and the inforgraphics and report design were done by the creative team at ThinkMedia Labs.

ThinkMedia Labs, is a boutique agency based out of Lebanon that has extensive experience working on social media projects for The United Nations, Thomson Reuters, BBC Network, and American University of Beirut. Check’em out.

Photo credit to Jaw21st

REPORT: Trendsetters in the Middle East

Our snack report (aka. short and quick) released yesterday is a much needed source of information about the state of trendsetters in the Middle East in order to know more about of how they think, feel, and act.

This is an independent version of Youngberry content mentioned in the main report that was released with our partners in Indonesia and India to compile Asia continent report about the same topic called “Trendsetters in the Middle East and Far East“.

REPORT: Start-ups Battlefield in the Arab World

In light of the uprisings in the Arab world and the demand for employment opportunities for young Arabs, we would like to present you our Snack Report that concludes our findings after reading many researches on young people’s perspectives and aspiration in 2010 across the Middle East and North African countries.

We will stop talking now and let you read the report:

The image is courtesy of Marco Crupi