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Drifting Prank: Red Bull’s New Viral Video Campaign for Arab Youth

What seems like a funny video on your friend’s Facebook wall, could be a viral video campaign targeting the Arab youth branded by the most amazing energy drink that is energizing the youth sports community, Red Bull.

Youngberry’s Trend-spotters team maintained to capture 4 recently released videos going viral on Youtube and rockin’ Facebook walls… and there could be more…

It looks like a modeling agency called some people to come for TV commercial briefing or rehearsal, for this reason there are four different personalities and characters, and well-dressed. On the contrary, a ready-to-prank Lebanese drifting professional and Rally Champion, Abdo Feghali, wants to make some crazy drifts and pumps the adrenaline in them.

Enjoy the Shock on “Video 1 – Acclaimed Pro-Drifter Dude”

Watch and listen carefully on “Video 3 – Lebanese Einstein”

Look bravely on “Video 4 – Teta”

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