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Music Industry Leap: YouTube Launches Top 100 Chart for Music

Youtube just launched its first chart to track song popularity in user-generated and professional music videos. The YouTube 100 measures song traffic across official music videos, user-uploaded videos and viral debuts, and uses this data to provide a holistic view of song popularity. The new chart is published weekly, and shines a new light on the YouTube community’s engagement and creativity.

This week Katy Perry’s E.T. lands on the Top 10 thanks to her own gravity-defying video and views on popular user videos that lay down rocking guitar solos, extra beats, sepia-tone allegory and other-worldly visuals (in this case from Brooklyn, not Mars).

Not only does the YouTube 100 give props when fans make original videos for popular songs, it also captures YouTube’s one-of-a-kind musical diversity: irreverent Nice Peter ranks on the chart alongside global radio stars, and Rebecca Black hits the Top 10.

You can find their new weekly chart at In the weeks to come, they will start archiving the charts for future exploration of original recordings, music memes, and pop hits.

YouTube users get into music as fans and original musicians, and such new chart gives the community a better way to find the most engaging music on YouTube.

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